MBBS in Philippines is becoming more popular in India among the parents and students because of low tuition fees, USMLE compatible American standard education system, cost of living is very low, similar climatic conditions like India, Medium of instruction is in English, no need to learn foreign language. MCI screening test pass percentage is 98%.
A Medical student would be doing a pre medical degree with a duration of 18 months of study followed by MD program with a duration of 4 years of study. After 5 1/2 years of study, student needs to clear the MCI screening test in India which is also known as foreign medical graduate exam (FMCG).
medical qualifications granted by medical institutions outside of India are valid only if the Medical University is recognised by medical Council of India. So student must study medicine in Philippines universities which are recognised by Medical Council of India.
Philippines medical universities offer MD program as a primary medical for practitioners (equivalent to MBBS in India) which is recognised by Medical Council of India.
Study MBBS in Philippines is becoming the best option to pursue MBBS abroad, among the MEDICAL aspirants from nearly 58 countries. Every year 8000 students are joining in Philippines medical universities, among them 50% are from India. Indian nationals prefer to study medicine in Philippines, Because of huge Indian students population in Philippines, tuition fees and cost of living are affordable, availability of Indian food in all medical universities, MCI screening test pass percentage is 98%, climatic conditions are similar to India, Philippines is easily accessible from all international airports in India.
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