Study medicine in Philippines is one of the fantastic opportunities available for students. Philippines is the third largest English speaking country in the world. This gives an opportunity for students to study various programs in Philippines. The country follows the American system of education and hence students can also get credit transfer options to study medicine in USA, or to study medicine in Caribbean regions too. This reason for this is the US reign during the years of cold war. The country also has strong economic, demographic and cultural ties with the US.

There are number of academic prospects for students studying in the country. The country in particular witnesses a flock of international students wishing to study various branches of medical sciences, pharmacy and various science and research related subjects. The country is positioned among foreign countries offering various courses in medical sciences. Apart from that a major reason for the growth and the development of the educational sector is growing educational partnerships that have fostered and rendered new and more improved prospects for study. With dozens of available opportunities study in Philippines promises both academic challenge and reward. We have also offered pointers in terms of why studying the country is a profitable option.

Philippine is the first democratic country in Asia and the world’s largest exporter in terms of cert Nurses. Filipinos are the largest Asian immigrant community in USA. The world’s second largest exporter of Physicians after India.One of the world’s largest exporters of Marine Engineering & Ship Captains.

Admission Requirements for Study in Philippines, Philippines Universities Eligibility Criteria, Application Process, Procedure for Study in Philippines students studying in Philippines can also directly shift to USA for completing their final year. Students can apply directly to the educational institution of their choice. Applications for Bachelor education generally requires that should have completed their secondary education from their respective university.To secure admission in a masters program, the applicant must have completed their Bachelor Degree after which they can apply in any of these universities.

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